Robinson ISD

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Rapid Mini Grants Fall 2016  
The Robinson Education Foundation awarded 21 mini grants totaling over $8,300 to RISD teachers on December 15!  Congratulations!
  • Lindsey Richard (Primary) - Mission Positive
  • Brianna Wren (Primary) - Wobble into Learning 
  • Kim Bauman (Elementary) - Why Not Play! 
  • Cindy Engel & Kristle Soto (Elementary) - Anything but Prehistoric...Dinos in the Classroom
  • Kara Ficke (Elementary) - Hooked on Puppets
  • Jodi Gates (Elementary) - Let's Learn Another Way 
  • Cassidy Gibbs (Elementary) - Game On!  Igniting Enrichment Through Gaming 
  • Lori Killough (Elementary) - Oh So Many Opportunities! 
  • Lindsey Richard (Elementary) - Mission Positive 
  • Jennifer Traudt (Elementary) - Start-up Funding Social Studies is Super! 
  • Debbie Farney (Intermediate) - Rise of the Machines: The Forces, Motions, and Machines of the Future
  • Cece Lively (Intermediate) - Math Works with Osmo
  • Betsy Wechter (Intermediate) - Pedal Toward the Lights! 
  • Kasey Brown (Junior High) - #RocketsRead
  • Melinda Emmons (Junior High) - Can you Hear Me Now?
  • Patti Goforth (Junior High) - Bean Bags and Books 
  • Robin Hines (Junior High) - There's a Book for That! 
  • Michael Hinton (Junior High) - Mini Millionaires
  • Sara Jones (Junior High) - Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader 
  • Willie Thomas (Junior High) - Setting the Scene with the Green Screen 
  • James Hughes (District-wide) - Escape the STAAR 
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Grant Awards - 2015

 Intermediate Teachers 

The Robinson Education Foundation awarded the following grants in Spring 2015:  

Cindy Engel - Robinson Elementary - “Just A Swinging…Not Only at Recess Anymore”

Susan Godfrey & Gay Anna Wagner - Robinson Primary - “Pedaling a Path to a Successful Learning”

Brandi Cox - Robinson Primary - “Nurturing Knowledge with Nature”

Kara Ficke - Robinson Elementary - “Exer-learning”

Michael Hinton - Robinson Junior High - “Safety First, Avoid the Worst”

Dusty Mathis and Kindergarten Team - Robinson Primary - “Techie Tikes”

Becky Arndt, Judy Hill, & Dylan Campbell - Robinson High School - “Lighting Up Science”

Diana Newton, Brittany Hartley, Misty Ellison, & Suzy Cox and the 1st grade team - Robinson Primary - “Masterful Math Manipulatives: Building Better Mathematicians”

Tami Machac, Holly Lippe, Melanie Grisham, & Leslie Rowe - Robinson Intermediate - “Yo, ho! Yo, ho! A Science Life for Me!”

Fourth Grade Team - Robinson Intermediate - “iPads for iLearn”

Dusty Mathis - Robinson Primary - "Wiggly Tiggly"