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What can I do at the Stand?

How do I do that?

Do I have to stay ALL NIGHT?


All good questions that you may have about working at the Stand!



The Concession Stand is our biggest Fundraiser



The Pride of the Blue Band Boosters are very fortunate


 - to have the home concession operation for every game at Rocket Field.


This is the Band Boosters' single largest fundraiser.


Working with other band parents in the concession stand is a great place to become involved with the band.

Find out what other parents are thinking and compare notes.

Get a sense of satisfaction from supporting the school and band.

Your child will appreciate what you do for the band.

And most of all you will be supporting the band financially by volunteering your time.

We have such a fine band because we have such exceptional parental support!


We need the support of all band booster parents to staff an operation of this size


Our concession stand, when fully staffed for all shifts, require about 36 volunteers. To prepare and sell our menu requires a staff performing the following jobs within the concession stand: crew chief; working the window taking orders and money; filling drink orders; making hot dogs; making nachos and frito pie; making popcorn while running popcorn, candy and bottled water to the window.


Sign up to work a shift or two at the concession stand. Sign-up in CHARMS


Operational Procedures


Crew Chief Instructions click here (coming soon)

Volunteer Instructions click here (coming soon)


For Pre-game Opening Instructions click here (coming soon)

For Post-game Closing Instructions click here (coming soon)


Hours of Operation


For home varsity dates, we operate the concession stand from about 6:00pm through the end of the 3rd quarter.For Thursday night JV and 9th grade games, the concession stand is open from 5:00 through the end of the 3rd quarter of the second game. For Thursday night JH games, the concession stand is open 4:00 to the 3rd quarter of last game.



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