Robinson High School

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Coaches: Boys-Ross Caraway
Girls-Josh Hubik 
2016-2017 Schedule

Moody Practice Meet, January 4, 2017
Robinson Boys--1st Place Overall
Robinson Girls--3rd Place Overall 
moody lifters 1  
Robinson Powerlifters started the season off with a bang, capturing 6 first place medals en route to a dominating first place overall team finish at their first meet of the year in Moody on Wednesday night.  On the boys side, first place medalists include Philip Sharp, Scott Fox, Ben Roberson, Austin Williams, and Connor Barnett. Mia Rodriguez brought home the gold on the girls’ side.  Others who scored points for the Rocket at the meet include Tristan Hewitt, Cooper Wagenschein, Joshua Gunn, Jamiah Weathington, Tyson Boen, Daniel Wilde-Berry, Jonathan Richards, Devon Olivares, Adrianna Leyva, Ida Eastham, and Delanie Sharp.  Congratulations to Robinson Powerlifters on a job well done!
moody lifters 2
Robinson Powerlifters 2016-2017

 Barnett, Connor Gunn, Joshua Roberson, BenWagenschein, Dalton 
 Boen, Tyson Hewitt, Tristan Rodriguez, Mia Weathington, Jamiah
 Davies, Stephanie Leyva, Adriana Sharp, Delanie Wilde-Berry, Daniel
Eastham, Ida  Olivares, Devon Sharp, Philip Williams, Austin
Fox, Scott  Richards, Jonathan Wagenschein, Cooper