Junior High Bell Schedules

Regular Day  Assembly Pep Rally 
1st Period8:00-8:47
2nd Period8:52-9:39
3rd Period9:44-10:31
4th - Lunch11:14-11:59
5th  - Lunch12:04-12:49
6th Period12:54-1:41
7th Period1:46-2:33
8th Period2:38-3:25
1st Period8:00-8:47
2nd Period8:52-9:39
3rd Period9:44-10:31
4th  - Lunch11:09-11:49
5th - Lunch11:54-12:34
6th Period12:39-1:21
7th Period1:26-2:08
8th Period2:13-2:55

Early Dismissal

Late Arrival

1st Period8:00-8:35
2nd Period8:40-9:15
3rd Period9:20-9:55
4th - Lunch10:20-10:55
5th - Lunch11:00-11:35
6th Period11:40-12:15
7th Period12:20-12:55
8th Period1:00-1:35
1st Period10:00-10:35
2nd Period10:40-11:15
3rd Period11:20-11:55
4th - Lunch12:00-12:40
5th - Lunch12:45-1:25
6th Period1:30-2:05
7th Period2:10-2:45
8th Period2:50-3:25

Robinson ISD and its Career and Technical Education Program do not discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, color, age or national origin in its edcational programs, activities or employment as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.
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